American Bully Ear Crops

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The most common ear crop styles for the American Bully are the Battle Crop, the Short Crop, and the Show Crop.

Cropping the ears is purely cosmetic in the American Bully breed, unless a dog has a specific medical condition, or injury, that requires ear cropping. Like spaying and neutering, ear cropping is a completely optional surgical procedure. Contrary to popular belief, ear cropping is not required for American Bully show dogs. Natural ears should not affect a bully’s performance in the show ring, unless the ears naturally are not show quality.

American Bully Ear Crop Styles

Short Crop: Contrary to its name, the Short Crop is not the shortest crop style.

American Bully Short Crop

Battle Crop:
The shortest crop style is the Battle Crop.

American Bully Battle Crop

Show Crop:
Although there is a longer crop style, known as the “Long Crop”, the “Show Crop” is the longest crop that is typical for the American Bully breed. Despite the name, the Show Crop is not required for show dogs, and is not most commonly used in the American Bully breed.

American Bully Show Crop

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