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UKC-Registered American Bully puppies for sale!

If you are looking for an excellent American Bully whose lineage can be traced to the 19th Century, you came to the right place! We produce muscular, broad-chested, trim, agile, energetic, UKC-Registered American Bullies with family and pet-friendly dispositions. These are well-balanced, functional, solidly-built American Bully puppies, made for activity, companionship, show, or service.
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If this is the look you want ...
American Bully TriLines Beefcake
... this is where you get it!

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Beefcake X Trina

The following puppies were born on June 18th -- 8 weeks on August 13th.
This is likely our last litter this year with blue and fawn colors.

These guys will have thick bones, blocky heads, broad chests, massive shoulders, heavy muscles, and wide hips ... yeah, I'm talking about BULLY! Standard to XL sizes with great dispositions.

Breeder's Choice Female! - Blue & White
This girl is just fabulous! She's got the blues so good!
If you want a foundation female for breeding, here she is.
American Bully Puppy - Bonnie
American Bully Puppy - Bonnie
American Bully Puppy - Bonnie
$4,000 - Includes ear crop and microchip.

Male - Black Fawn & White
Wow! Great colors and symmetry! XL size!
American Bully Puppy - Capone
American Bully Puppy - Capone
$3,500 - Includes ear crop and microchip.

Male - Blue & White
This guy will have a big head and thick build!
American Bully Puppy - Dillinger
American Bully Puppy - Dillinger
$2,500 - Ear crop and microchip not included.

Female - Blue & White - Pet Home Only
XL size! She is going to be one big beautiful female!
American Bully Puppy - Queenie
American Bully Puppy - Queenie
$800 - Pet Home Only- Ear crop and microchip not included.

Shipping available, but not included. The puppy names are nicknames. Pick your own name.

American Bully Puppy

FS TriLine's Beefcake DNA-P