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UKC-Registered American Bully puppies for sale!

The best American Bully kennel producing top-quality American Bully puppies. If you want the best, then buy the best! We've been told time and again, Beefcake is the most strikingly handsome American Bully stud on the web.

Here's that head-turning, show-stopping, amazing-looking American Bully that you have always wanted; that fine American Bully whose lineage can be traced-back dozens of generations to the 19th Century; that muscular, broad-chested, trim, agile, energetic, UKC-Registered American Bully; that well-balanced, functional, solidly-built American Bully ...

If this is the look you want ...
TriLine's Bodacious Beefcake 2-23-2015
... this is where you get it!

All Puppies Are Sold!

Sorry, but all of our past litters are sold out. Please check our Breedings page for upcoming litters. Our next litter (Ch Beefcake X Cambria) is expected in early September. Reservations will begin around mid-August.

American Bully TriLine's Lars
One of our puppies at his loving home in Cyprus, EU.

American Bully ABKC XL Champion TriLine's Bodacious Beefcake FS DNA-P
CH FS TriLine's Bodacious Beefcake DNA-P