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UKC-Registered American Bully puppies for sale!
If you are looking for an excellent American Bully whose lineage can be traced to the 19th Century, you came to the right place! We produce muscular, broad-chested, trim, agile, energetic, UKC-Registered American Bullies with family and pet-friendly dispositions. These are well-balanced, functional, solidly-built American Bully puppies, made for activity, companionship, show, or service.
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Texas Jack

Texas Jack is a son of Beefcake and Snookie, born on April 7, 2014. He is blue and white with chocolate undertones; just like his Daddy. He is microchipped, his ears are cropped, he is pet door trained, and crate trained! This guy is a great mix of Razor's Edge, Gotti, East Coast, West Coast, Northern, and Southern bloodlines. Both his parents have very gentle dispositions! He has an awesome, showy chest, broad muscular shoulders, straight legs, perfect bite, correct conformation, and friendly disposition! He will be an amazing dog! He may look ferocious, but he is very gentle, playful, and would love to cuddle in your lap!

If this is the look you want ...
American Bully TriLines Beefcake
... then Texas Jack is your boy!

American Bully Puppy Texas Jack
American Bully Puppy Texas Jack
American Bully Puppy Texas Jack
American Bully Puppy Texas Jack
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Beefcake X Trina

The following puppies were born on June 18th.

Thick bones, blocky heads, broad chests, massive shoulders, heavy muscles, and wide hips ... yeah, I'm talking about BULLY!

Female - Blue & White - Breeder's Choice
American Bully Puppy - Bonnie
American Bully Puppy TriLine's Bonnie
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Male - Black Fawn & White
American Bully Puppy - Capone
American Bully Puppy TriLine's Capone
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Male - Blue & White
American Bully Puppy - Dillinger
American Bully Puppy - Dillinger
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Female - Blue & White
American Bully Puppy - Queenie
American Bully Puppy TriLine's Queenie
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$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy. Reserved puppies must be paid in full by August 15th. The puppy names are nicknames. Pick your own name.

American Bully Puppy

FS TriLine's Beefcake DNA-P