Frequently Answered Questions

Here are some frequently asked/answered questions, or additional information we thought may be useful.

What is the process for reserving or purchasing a puppy?
The following page explains more about the process for reserving and buying a puppy from us.
Link: What is the process for reserving or purchasing a puppy?

What are the prices for your puppies?
Our prices vary depending on the breeding and puppy, but are generally over $1,500 USD for US buyers, and higher for International export. Shipping within the US is $500 minimum.

If there’s a puppy or dog you are interested in, contact us for a price quote.

Do you crop ears?
We do not automatically crop ears. We do not guarantee ear crops, and prefer if buyers have the ears cropped locally by their own vets.

What do, or don’t, your prices include?
The base price includes all current vaccinations, State of Florida vet-issued Health Certificate, and UKC American Bully AND/OR ABKC registration. Microchip, and shipping are optional, and are separate fees. Boarding for reserved puppies past 8 weeks of age may be an additional fee.

What does “Pet Home Only” mean?
This means the puppy is not recommended for breeding. If a puppy is sold as “Pet Home Only”, we hold the puppy registration until the puppy has been spayed or neutered.

Do you ship puppies?
We will fly your puppy, within the US, to the closest International airport, or, in some cases, ground ship to your home. Shipping is not available to some countries. Flight nanny services are available for an additional fee, for domestic or International shipping.

How much does shipping cost?
The cost for shipping within the US is a minimum of $500. International prices vary greatly.

Do you ship Internationally?
International sales are a minimum of $5,000 USD per puppy, but the total price will depend on the actual cost of the puppy plus shipping. International shipping is an additional fee. If cost is no object, we can probably work something out.

Do you accept deposits to reserve a puppy?
We accept nonrefundable deposits to reserve puppies that are younger than 6 weeks of age. Reserved puppies must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age, or the deposit and pick are forfeited.

What are your stud fees and requirements?
All of our studs are currently closed to the public.

Do you guarantee the health of the puppy?
We absolutely guarantee the health of any puppies we sell.* All of our puppies are thoroughly screened by our veterinarian at regular intervals. Additionally, they receive all of their current vaccinations and deworming at those times. All veterinary records are made available to the buyers for transfer to their veterinarians. We will provide a health certificate with any puppy sold. We want you to be totally happy with your puppy! If there is a serious issue with any of our puppies, please let us know.

*Some restrictions apply.

How do you recommend exercising an American Bully?
We use “flirt poles” for fun and exercise. A flirt pole is a pole with a rope attached to one end, and a toy attached to the opposite end of the rope.

To make our flirt poles, we use a 4′ section of 1/2″ PVC pipe for the pole. We drill through one end of the pipe and feed a 10′-15′ piece of rope through the holes. We tie a double-knot on the end of the rope after we feed it through the holes. Then, we make a notch in the pipe at the opposite end where we can secure the rope. This allows us to adjust the length of the rope by pulling rope through the drilled holes and attaching the knotted end to the notch in the base of the pole. On the opposite end of the rope, we make a slip knot where we attach a toy. The dogs love chasing the toy while we work it like a fishing lure!

What should I feed my American Bully?
Visit our Food Grading page to see what we’re using.
Link: Food Grading

Where does the tricolor come from?
The following page provides more information about the tricolor coat pattern in dogs.
Link: Tricolor In The American Bully